4 Best Food Storage Methods

With high consumption currently the norm in our society, very little consideration is given to the idea of preservation. Most households purchase more foodstuff than they actually need. Our environment of course directly bears the brunt of this wasteful way of consumption. All these is done in spite of the fact that there are folks out there facing death from hunger. Going here to this link can get you started.

Food preservation should therefore not only be a living cost management issue but also a moral obligation. There are many different ways you can keep different kinds of food fresh for a long time. Listed below are some of the healthy ways you can affordably achieve that.


Cold storage is without doubt the easiest method to keep food fresh for a long time. With a good freezer or a refrigerator, all you need to do is placing the food you wish to preserve inside, nothing much. It is important that you place foodstuff inside sealed containers or use germ-free wrapping papers when refrigerating for an extended period of time. You need to ensure that your power supply is reliable otherwise your food will get spoilt prematurely.

Airtight containers

Also simply referred to as canning, this involves keeping your food in airtight containers that in essence seal off oxygen supply as well as other elements that aid in decomposition. Canning is suitable for a selected number of foodstuff though. Be sure to check whether the kind of food you want to preserve can actually be canned. After placing the food into the airtight containers, you should store them away from drastic environmental elements.

Pickling jars

One of the oldest methods used to preserve such vegetables as pickles and fruits. The foodstuff to be preserved is placed inside a jar containing vinegar or concentrated salt solution. This method of food preservation does not require much work to get the preserved food ready for consumption. This kind of food storage method is of course not economical when you wish to preserve a lot of food and to save it fresh .


The skills and resources needed to preserve your food using this method are minimal, it is no wonder that it has been widely used for quite a long time. It basically involves draining the food to be stored most of its water content. The water content drainage process can be achieved through a number of ways. For starters, there is the option to use the natural heat from the sun or if you prefer quicker methods, you can use ovens and grills. Noteworthy though is the fact that most of the natural flavors and minerals might be lost when food is subjected to this kind of preservation. Be careful that you do not lose all the nutrients from preserving food using this method.