Long-term Storage Options for Food

Food can last for a long period of time if it's kept away from light, air, and humidity. Moreover, certain foods need to be stored at certain temperatures to help them last longer. Keep in mind that transparent containers aren't great for storing food as they don't guard it from light. When you use some of the following containers, store your food in a dark place to preserve its quality. Check out http://saveitfresh.com/ to get started.

Airtight boxes

Airtight boxes are the most commonly used containers for storing your daily food items on a long-term basis. Such foods actually do not have to be stored for long periods but must be properly stored until they are finished. The best containers in these case include thick, high-quality airtight boxes or those made of stainless steel and plastic lids.

Remember that regardless of what you choose between steel and plastic boxes, the storage container requires a lid with a rubber gasket. Placed around the rim of a lid, the gasket's purpose is to tighten the lid, not leaving any gap in between. These leak-proof and airtight storage containers are extremely popular for home and camp use.

Plastic bucket

The most recommended food storage containers are buckets made of plastic. Although there's a wide variety of plastic bucket options, only consider buying ones made out of high-density plastic. Also, there are tough and thick yet lightweight options available in beautiful shapes and colors. Again, only buy one that's airtight from this source .

Plastic buckets are perfect storage containers for grains such as wheat or beans, as well as most dry foods. However, you should not store rolled oats or rice in these containers. Choose smaller buckets rather than extra large buckets, as they are more convenient in comparison.

Zip lock pouch

If you're storing a range of foods, but in little quantities for longer periods, then zip lock pouches or bags can be an excellent choice of containers. Well, it's also important to note that there are several popular brands of airtight pouches. What's more, these pouches can even be kept in buckets or any other container for additional protection. These pouches are also easily opened and sealed back to preserve the rest of the food. Zip lock pouches may also help store liquid or dry foods which must be frozen for long-term storage.

Many families have the habit of buying large quantities of food and then storing it. If you spend a small fortune on food items, it is equally important that you also spend well to acquire high-quality food storage containers in order to preserve the quality as well as nutritional value of the food after a specific period. Be sure to go through the guidelines for more details, including storage temperature for various dry and wet foods. Go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/20/food-storage_n_1691037.html to read more about food storage.